Artist Statement

Phyllis Tracy Malinow’s artistry is a departure from tradition transcending time and space. There’s mystery in her work reflecting and paying homage not only to the European masters, Paul Gauguin, Vincent Van Gogh, Ferdinand Leger, Marc Chagall, Henri Rousseau, William Blake, and Francis Bacon but the Mexican muralists, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Jose Clemente Orozco as well. Through her unfettered imagination, inspired use of color and form, Malinow tells stories that seem universal yet rooted in our ancient past. They convey vitality and freshness as new as tomorrow. 

Her artwork is unconventional expressing an original, textural, imaginative vision. She paints with texture whether on canvas, woodblock prints/paper, or masks and at times applies mixed media materials; all reflecting color, story content, form and expression as in her oil paintings on canvas. She has developed a technique of using art materials, i.e., chine colle (rice papers), pastels, caran d’arche, gouache and delicate materials, (i.e., pastels, sealing them into the piece of art when painting on paper from a woodblock image.) Phyllis’ art bent of painting drives her painterly expression to canvas, woodblock prints/paper or masks with a personal voice full of life. Colorful, visual language is fabric of her being.

By invitation in 1993, Malinow exhibited her oil paintings in a one-woman show at the Poliforum Cultural Siqueiros in Mexico City. This institution named in honor of Mexican artist, David Alfaro Siqueiros was a perfect setting for Phyllis’ highly individual contribution to art.

Her exhibition was well received by art community and media leading to other successful showings of her art in New York and internationally. Also, by invitation participated in an exhibition of American art through the Art in Embassies Program, c/o the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Ambassadorial Residence in Niamey, Niger, Africa for three years.

Many patrons have commented on Phyllis’ pulse of theatricality in her work, which makes it exciting, provocative, and yet still aesthetically appealing even spiritual. This undoubtedly owes much to her background working in professional theatre with a premium set and lighting designer on some of American theatre’s most successful, critically acclaimed Broadway productions. Perhaps the greatest influence was her mentor, Anthony Palumbo. His guiding force was instrumental in bringing together the extraordinary elements of her innate talent, theatrical bent, and commitment in telling metaphysical tales visually, making her work so compelling. Malinow also credits her father, a W.P.A. artist, for imbuing her work with a connection when Americans pulled together during the Great Depression.

“It is extremely rewarding having my art exhibited in the United States and around the globe, as I did in Mexico, Africa and Japan. I’m impassioned to paint, create monoprint woodcuts, mixed media works on paper and masks. Allegoric Expression is how life translates. Form, movement, story excite me as painter, woodblock/mixed media printmaker and mask sculptor. I reach out through Art as forum to communicate the human experience. Hopefully, my art will touch and stimulate the viewer.”

“The work of Phyllis Tracy Malinow is vibrant, full of life and from her heart…”
Richard Pantell, 2018

“From her stunning reverence for textured color, Phyllis Tracy Malinow gives us a most thoughtful and captivating poetry…”
William Scharf,

“Phyllis Tracy Malinow creates an unusual effect with an enormous smiling figure that dominates each large painting…” 

“Phyllis Tracy Malinow’s abstractions of large powerful, all enveloping symbols are mysterious.”